The Unode50 Universe | Alena Kirby


In the late 1990,  a small group of jewelry designers in Madrid joined together to found Unode50. They resolved to establish a  brand of fashion jewelry that would break all existing molds and expectations. The pieces created were unique, with a distinctive style and the brand soon became known for it’s flair and innovation.

The brand started out with the original intent and philosophy of creating only 50 units of each design, henceforth the trademark name. This unorthodox approach soon proved to  be a tremendous success. Over time the  production has grown, although the name has remained to reflect that, just as on it’s very first day,  the quality and exclusiveness of each piece is the brand’s first priority.

Still handcrafted in Spain, each piece is created with an exclusive alloy metal, that is then plated in silver or 18k gold, and  combined with other elements such as Swarovski crystals, leather, Murano glass, shell pearls and cotton threads.




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