5 Reasons Gift Cards Make a Totally Acceptable (make that Awesome) Gift | Alena Kirby

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1. They’re Desirable

gift card present
People enjoy receiving gift cards because they get to choose their own gift. Can you blame them? As such, it is the perfect gift for those who are notoriously picky.

2. They Save Money and Time

Let’s face it, there are certain times of the year that we must shop for a list of people ( these times of year are typically busy times of year too – Christmas, end of school…) When you have lots of people on your list, gift cards are a wonderful time saver.

3. They are Fun to Receive

Receiving a gift card from a store that you like to shop at, is so much fun because it gives you an excuse to wander around that store, and choose something to take home that you might not otherwise treat yourself to.

4. Presenting them can be as simple or creative as you like


5. They show thoughtfulness

Despite the belief of some, choosing a giftcard is not at all a “way out” or a thoughtless gift. Choosing the right store or restaurant takes a great deal of consideration and thoughtfulness, it’s only that once there, the recipient gets to select exactly what they like. Win win!



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