Home and Garden Tour Bound? Here’s Where to Lunch ! | Alena Kirby

Cliquez ici pour la version française

There is something to be said for tradition, especially a tradition so thoroughly enjoyable as Hudson’s Home and Garden Tour. Now 61 years in the running -I can remember my mother making a day of it with her girlfriends since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Then, as now, the perfect end to the perfect tour consists of a long, leisurely lunch. But where to lunch? Both St – James and St -Mary’s church are both popular destinations as they each host a delectable lunch at 15$ a ticket. Exploring a few other local options…

Carambola – Beautifully conceived and executed food, plated so artfully that you’ll hesitate a moment (just a moment) before digging in.


Vivery – A local favorite, best described as a family-style Greek pizzaria, at the Viv there is definitely something for everyone. Now with a BYOB licence, it seems like a perfect place for a post tour lunch!


Mon Village  Like the Home and Garden tour itself Mon Village is a local tradition where the atmosphere is as appealing as the food – so rustic and casual you can’t help but feel as though you are a guest at a friends’ country chalet.

Le Cozy Café  This self described “charming luncheonette” does not disappoint. Totally original, unbelievably tasty, a hidden gem in the heart of the village – we think this would be a lovely spot for some post tour grub’n gossip.


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