Which came first, the bunny or the egg? | Alena Kirby

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Well, let’s see. It is widely recognized that the Easter Bunny was introduced to the Americas by German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania during the 1700’s, and brought with them the tradition of “Osterhase” an egg-laying hare.

But… there is evidence that the egg as a symbol of new life, dates back further to pagan festivals celebrating spring…

Well, one thing is for sure. The art of egg decorating has been around for centuries, and is a beautiful activity to bring in the season of renewal. 

For a little inspiration…our fav’s (from various categories)

Best Intricate Design

Best Simple Detail

Best Creative Paper Glue On

Best Simple Abstract Design (Just wrap with elastic bands and dye!)

Best Film Inspired

Best Traditional

Best Kiddie Crowd Pleaser

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