The “New” (Old) Way to Spring Clean Your Home | Alena Kirby

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Despite all the snow bequeathed to us this March, spring is, inevitably just around the corner, and with it comes so many exciting things. Warmer, longer days, budding trees and flowers, singing birds, Easter hunts, and of course, spring cleaning!

Whether you feel like this..

or this…

about spring cleaning, our advice for making the best of it is this: Love your home, love the planet!

More and more, people are rediscovering that there is no reason a home needs harsh chemical detergents to be squeaky clean, so ditch those harmful products and check out these awesome products and tips.

Jude’s Miracle Cloth. Is it a miracle? Yes. It is. To clean all glass, mirror and stainless surfaces this cloth is your new best friend.  Just wet, ring and wipe, this amazing microfiber cloth gives a gorgeous clean, free of streaks and lint – using zero product!

For those spots that do require a little spritz, check out the recipes here, or support this amazing local company with outstanding natural cleaning products Nana’s Sink.


Eco friendly air freshener? Infuse a cotton ball with your favorite essential oil – lavender is great for relaxation, and citrus oil provide a great fresh scent.

Happy Cleaning Everyone!






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