Your Essential Guide to Valentine’s Day | Alena Kirby

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There are those among us who love the holiday of love, and take great pleasure in the opportunity to celebrate that special someone. Others struggle to find meaning in what can sometimes feel like an over-commercialized candy and flower fest. For either end of the spectrum, and all those in between here are a few key tips to make the most out of Feb 14th!



Wear your heart on your sleeve. Be bold – and say just how you feel.  You don’t have to be a poet or songwriter, to put your love into words, you just have to have a little courage.


Cliché as it might be chocolate is always a yes. Big yes. And we’re talking quality people, not quantity.


Set the mood. Little efforts in creating ambiance for a special evening go a long way.

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Don’t :

Get hung up on buying expensive gifts. Small, personal gestures or tokens of affection are often the best kind of gift on Valentine’s day.


Be distracted. Turn off the phone/TV/computer. It’s time to connect – old school.


Have unrealistic expectations. Nothing can ruin something, like expecting it to be the ultimate best thing ever in the whole wild word. Truth is, it’s just a day like any other filled with twists, turns, and the demands of life. Roll with the punches, and keep your sense of humour.



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