30 years… Something to Celebrate! | Alena Kirby

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What a ride it’s been! This Christmas season we are so grateful to mark 30 years in business, are are celebrating with an open house party on Saturday November 19th, thanking the community for such amazing support over the years.



The day of the event, Alena Kirby boutique will be a hive of activity, with gourmet tastings and product demonstrations, not to mention a mass of door prizes and promotions. With a carnival-like atmosphere ( including a Queues de Castor food truck out front!)  it should be an event to be enjoyed by the whole family.

The celebration has a projected attendance of approximately 400 clients, friends and suppliers. It will be a stylish bash, aimed at showing appreciation to all who have supported the boutique over the years.

“This milestone is important to us, and, we feel, to the industry.  We’re hoping that it celebrates the possibility that with the right concept and community support, an independent boutique can survive and prosper – even in a very difficult climate.“ Christine Zigby, co-owner.


Hope to see you there!

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