Fabulous Fall Fragrances – Alena’s Top Picks | Alena Kirby

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Fall is a natural treat for the senses – cool breezes, bright colours, and comforting aromas. A season to be curled up and cozy, the right home fragrance can transform your home into a domestic paradise.

Alena’s Top Picks for Fall 2016:

Lampe Berger – New Collection Diamante Lamps


For fall try these fragrances in your Lampe Berger…

Sweet Pear, Vanilla Goumet, Orange Cinnamon, Green Apple, Amber Powder. See the promotion for Lampe Berger fragrances on our Fall Newsletter.


The Woodfire Collection by Illume is outstanding. Close your eyes and you will swear you are sitting by the campfire.



Always beautiful and elegant in it’s design, Voluspa showcases Baltic Amber as the season’s go to fragrance. Combining amber resin, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla orchid, it makes for an intoxicating and rich scent, alive with hints of the Far East.


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