Our afternoon tea just got kicked up a notch | Alena Kirby

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The British certainly have one thing right – enjoying a spot of tea in the afternoon, is quite civilized.  Here at Alena Kirby we enjoy our afternoon tea, and although customers always come first, as soon as there is a quite moment,  we sit for five minutes and chat over tea. It’s one of those little things things, that makes all the difference.


So you can imagine our enthusiasm when Alena and Christine returned from the Toronto Gift show to announce that we will now be carrying (and therefore enjoying) Sloane tea.

While a book should not be judged by it’s cover, in the case of Sloane, it seems one can judge a tea by it’s packaging. Everything about the presentation of Sloane tea is absolutely top notch – and so is the flavour and quality of the tea. So put the kettle on and enjoy!

Some classic favorites…



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