The Art of the Summer Picnic | Alena Kirby

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Sure anyone can throw some food together, grab a blanket and hit the road – that’s just not the Alena Kirby way 🙂 For those interested in making that dining experience just a little bit more elegant, a little more thoughtfully executed, read on!


AK’s list of do’s for the perfect summer picnic

Have a bag or basket ready to go. The whole idea behind picnicking is to seize the moment  – of course it’s easier to be spontaneous when you’re prepared. Having a bag or basket ready with plates, glasses, napkins, utensils and corkscrew let’s you prepare that last minute picnic at a moment’s notice.


Say  no to disposable paper plates, and cutlery.  Not only will the planet thank you for your kindness, it is just to much nicer to eat off of proper dishware. Of course we don’t propose trekking the fine china outdoors, but investing in a set of nice melamine dishes is well worth it, and will make the experience so much more pleasurable.

To view this season’s collection of melamine dishes at Alena Kirby click here.

Picnicking is hands on! Even with all that beautiful dinnerware you’ve make part of your prep, picnicking a great opportunity to delight in finger food – especially among the kiddies who tend to stop playing only momentarily to eat; floating to and from the table like little butterflies 🙂 Check out these finger friendly recipes.

Individual 7 Layer Dips


Fresh Summer Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce


Don’t forget the drinks! Whether it’s a lemonade gone wild with a some strawberries and mint, or something that packs a little more punch, bevvies are a central part of any great picnic.


Light it up. If all goes well, your perfect picnic will last till the sun goes down (and unfortunately, the bugs come out). Any candle you choose will add ambiance and warmth to your party, but there are a number of ways to fashion candle that are both beautiful and bug repellent.

DIY Candle Repellent Candle



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