Summer, the season to shop locally | Alena Kirby

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Hudson in the summer’s got it going on. Those of us who have lived here forever might sometimes take it for granted, but with the lake and beach, the gardens and golf courses, there is much to appreciate and take in this time of year – not to mention a slew of events, expositions, and festivals.

Equally, summertime in Hudson is an amazing season to shop locally. We all know that the benefits of shopping close to home are countless – to the consumer, the vendor, the community, the planet. And when we take into account the seasonal markets and boutiques that emerge only during the summer months, shopping locally is just plain old awesome.

So get out your reusable tote bags and hit these markets!

Finnegan’s Market- 

Open every Saturday from 9am-4pm, from May 7 until the end of October, Finngan’s is truly a Hudson landmark. Growing stronger in popularity every year, this market attracts both local crowds and shoppers from the city looking for treasures in a quaint country setting. Like any good retail operation, Finnegan’s evolves with the times, and now offers an impressively ecclectic mix of products, including organic fruits and veggies, high-end artisinal clothing, accessories and homewares, true antiques, reproductions, and so much more.





Two Barn Owls –

Open every Friday & Saturday 10-5 from the start of May to the end of October, this wonderfully original shop is packed with treasures for the home, lovingly created or restored by artists/owners Nancy Farnum & Mavis Martin.




Fruits et Légumes D’aoust –

A family-run farm and market, operating successfully for over three decades, D’aoust’s is the place to get delicious local produce week-long throughout the summer.  You can also pick up some amazing homemade meals, desserts, cheeses, sausages and flowers. All of that and a truly exceptional garden center makes this place real a destination spot in summer.




Hudson Farmer’s Market – 

In good weather and bad, every Thursday 3pm-7pm Hudson hosts a Farmer’s Market where Selkirk meets Main – May 19 though to October 21. With a loyal clientel, and vendors who have established themselves in the region, this market offers abeautiful selection of local and ethically produced items. Now, perched atop the hill in a lovely shaded area behind the parking lot, the experience of attending this market is even more enjoyable.




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