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Arguably the most versatile fashion item out there, the ways to wear a pashmina are endless. Perfect for transitional seasons, when layers are best, the pashmina scarf is a must have. Also, this season we revel in the ways a pashmina can be used as the central element of your outfit, no less exciting because of the vast array of patterns and colors now in store. The pashmina proves to be an affordable way to personalize and jazz up any wardrobe.

Styles to Try

The Man’s Tie – Appropriated from men’s fashion, the classic tie is bold and striking when worn by a woman.  Wrap the pashmina around your neck so that the two tails are in the front with the right tail being a little longer than the left.

Cravate masculine - étape 1
The Man’s Tie step 1

Take the right tail and wrap it over and around the left, so that it is back on the right side. Wrap it again, over and under the left tail, but when you get to the underside pull it up through the loop around your neck, and down through the smaller loop you just made on the left tail.

La cravate masculine - étape 2
The man’s tie step 2
La cravate masculine - étape 3
The man’s tie – step 3

Tighten or loosen to your liking.

The man’s tie step 4
La cravate masculine
The man’s tie

Under the Belt – Trendy and fun, this style lets the color and pattern of your pashmina speak volumes. Simply drape the pashmina around your neck with the tails in front. Secure a skinny belt around your waist atop the pashmina, and voila!

Sous la ceinture
Pashmina worn under a skinny belt

The ‘Collier’ –  Like a beautiful necklace this style will adorn your neck. Wrap your scarf around your neck so that both the tail ends are hanging in the front.  Then, tie a loose knot slightly above your bust with both the tail ends.

Le collier - étape 1
Le collier – step 1

Take each tail end and wrap it around the loop 2-3 times to make the edge look spiraled.

The ‘collier’ step 2
Le collier - étape 3
The ‘collier’

The Bandana – A modern take on the classic bandana. Drape your pashmina around your neck so that the ends are over your shoulder running down your back.

Bandana étape 1
Bandana step 1

Cross over and bring ends around to the front. Tie the two ends together in a tight double knot over the original loop.

Bandana étape 2
Bandana step 2

The Headband –  Both a hair accessory and fashion statement, the headband is for those who are ready to stand out in the crowd. Fold the pashmina so that it is not too wide and drape over your head as if it were a headband. Tie a tight knot at the base of your head, and drape ends over your shoulders or let cascade down your back.


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  1. Michelle says:

    Beautiful ad so very elegant!

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