Christophe Morel – The Pride of Montreal’s Chocolate Scene | Alena Kirby

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According to Christophe Morel, “Chocolate is undeniably a love story.” And so it has been from day one with this French born chocolatier. A self-proclaimed gourmand, and son of two pastry chefs, Morel’s childhood was infused with a passion and delight for chocolate.


Today Morel is an internationally acclaimed chocolate artisan, with his own chocolaterie in Montreal. His skill, originality and passion has made him one of the most renowned ambassadors for chocolate in the world.

Rooted in a strong love of terroir, the signature (some might suggest the genius ) of Christophe Morel, is to marry the classic treats he remembers as a child, with the distinct flavours of the new world – rich cream, wild fruits, flower essences, natural honey and maple, for example.

Simply beautiful. Simply irresistible.






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