The Rise of Affordable Luxury Jewelry | Alena Kirby

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On my wedding day, my mother took me aside for a private moment and bequeathed to me her diamond earrings, the same pair my father had given to her on their wedding day. I love those earrings, and on the rare occasions that I wear them, I am reminded of that special moment.


My grandfather, penny-pincher though was, loved buying my grandmother jewelry. As a child my sister, cousins and I would sneak into her closet, and revel at her collection of jewels – like little explorers who had just stumbled upon hidden treasure.

The love of precious jewelry seems to be ingrained in the human condition.


It used to be that the only alternative to gems bought at Birks was costume jewelry – cheap, cheerful, with an very limited lifespan. But in the last few years, a new category of jewelry has emerged bridging that gap. Affordable luxury jewelry, including brands like Alex and Ani, Endless, Pandora, Swarovski, and Montreal’s very own Beblue are taking the market by storm, offering collections that are priced in the mid range, and made with a quality that could hardly be considered costume. Highly customizable and personalized, these brands are becoming wildly popular for self-purchase and as cherished gifts.

A Valentine’s yes please!













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