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January is a great time for a change. After three decades in our Hollandia location, we couldn’t be more excited about transitioning all of Alena Kirby into the large store, purchased and opened last year under the name Alena Kirby Maison.

With more than double the square footage and renovated to our taste, this new location has all the potential to bring Alena Kirby into a new phase of being. Clients can expect a tighter more complete concept with thoughtfully constructed sections dedicated to fashion, gift, gourmet, and of course, the home.  The same fantastic service, artful displays, and products accessible to a variety of budgets – conveniently located all under one roof. Yay!!

Keep posted for updates about the transformation, and events planned to celebrate our 30 year anniversary – and with the most incredible staff and clientele, we are look forward to the next 30 years!

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  1. Michelle says:

    It really looks fantastic. If I ever get to Canada I will come and see it!

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