What’s not to love about Ricardo ? | Alena Kirby

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Already an icon and household  name within Quebec, the popularity of Ricardo Larrivée, simply known as Ricardo, is steadily growing throughout the country – and for good reason.


Competition in the culinary media is fierce, and personalities abound – Martha Stewart, Jamie Oliver, Nigella, etc… So how is it possible for a fun – loving, friendly Quebecois to make an impact? Simple : Ricardo is the real deal. If he seems silly, fun-loving and engaging, it’s because, well, he really is.  Ask anyone who’s met him (including Alena), and they will tell you, that his smile is genuine, his laugh infectious. He loves his career. He loves his family and friends.  He loves food.

A beautiful person, making beautiful food – with a talent and background in communications allowing him to share his passion with the world.  I’d call that a winning recipe.

Ricardo – the magazine


Ricardo – the boutique



Ricardo – the family man



Ricardo – the personality

(a spoof to make his daughters laugh 🙂





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