ester and erik – Makers of Light | Alena Kirby

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In Denmark, a country where winter brings months of darkness, the craft of candle making is rooted deep in tradition. More than just a source of light, the lit candle creates atmosphere and becomes a gathering point for any occasion.


In 1987, Ester and Erik Møller (husband and wife) launched a production of hand-dipped candles. Their vision was to pay tribute to the proud traditions of candle making by creating the finest and most elegant candles for an exclusive and demanding customer segment.

A true family business that now has customers all over the world, the team at ester and eric claim they owe their success to a highly dedicated staff that makes sure each and every ester & erik candle will be beautiful on the outside and strong on the inside.


Christmas table, decorated with cone shaped ester and erik candles

Alena Kirby Maison, 2015

Made with Repix (

Tapers, displayed and sold off the dipping rack – Magnificent!


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