Beblue. Be a woman. Be you. | ALENA KIRBY

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Behind all great jewelry is a great story. Beblue is no exception, and the story of how this jewelry came into being is as beautiful and original as the jewelry itself.


As a young girl, living in the fashionable Marais district of Paris, Amber Cadoux was surrounded by style and brought up in a milieu that valued artistic expression. “Blue” was the name Amber’s mother gave to her daughter’s artistic side. Drawn to fashion and elegant jewelry even as child, Amber spent many hours in the back of a jewelry shop owned by family friends, watching in fascination and learning the craft.

As an adult Amber settled in Canada, and had a career that allowed her to travel the world. All the while her passion for jewelry kindled and once she started to design her own pieces in 2009, one thing led to another, and success quickly started to grow. Bringing together a truly elegant and feminine style,  pearls sourced from world-wide travels,  and a craftsmanship driven by perfectionism, a brand was born.

Be a woman Be yourself . Be “Blue”

Beblue Now at Alena Kirby







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