The People of Alena Kirby – “Why We’re all Such a big Fan of Stan!” | ALENA KIRBY

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So I’m no reliable source because he’s my Dad and I’m likely to think he’s awesome, but it still doesn’t change the fact that there’s just somethin’ about Stan that makes Alena Kirby girls happy.

Stan, making his famous BBQ Bagels for a super summer staff party.

His name may not be on the front of the building, but as the saying goes “behind every great woman is a great man,” or something like that. Behind the scenes and out of sight, Stan is one who gets all kinds of things done. More than just the money manager, (and it’s worth stating that knowing how to figure out “how many beans make five”,  has kept this boat afloat and sailing on for all these years) Stan is as hands on as any business owner could be. From cutting the lawn to planning major renovation, Stan at 73 is involved in so many aspects of the business that he remains a cornerstone.


Stan, Alena, Josée, Amanda, Judy, Jen, Stefanie, Lucie, Kayla, Alexis, Laurence, Christine

So here we go with the Top 5 reasons we love Stan:

5. Because a trip to Costco isn’t just an errand. It’s a passion, a challenge and an art form.

4. Because he is as patient and soft mannered with the Alena Kirby girls, as he is tough as nails and a little bit terrifying to the poor schmuck on the telephone who thinks Stan can be taken for a ride.

3. Because he knows that when Alena and Josée are working on a project, to get out of their way.

2. Because ideas come in two sizes: big and bigger

1. Because he loves his dance music, and can bust a move at the most unexpected times.


Stefanie, Stan, and Christine
Stefanie, Stan, and Christine

Signed – one adoring daughter,

Stefanie Zigby




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