Nomaad – Inspired by Freedom. | ALENA KIRBY

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Some parts of life are more easily interchangeable than others. Unlike switching up your job, home or significant other, jewelry by Nomaad offers a simple way to follow your heart, and let freedom be your guide.


Bracelets, simple necklaces, and statement necklaces, all crafted in an array of styles, are easily changed from one look to another with the snap of a button. And oh, so many buttons to choose from…

sized buttons

One bracelet, one necklace, three different looks…

For your inspiration, we’ve chosen one braided leather bracelet and one necklace.  We’ve switched up the buttons for each outfit to show how versatile these little beauties can be!  There are over 50 bracelet styles, 2 chain lengths you can chose from for the 20 different pendant necklaces, adjustable rings and more than 100 buttons.  So you can really get a lot for a little with these pieces (no, really, the prices are adorable – check them out here).

Office Chic



Outdoorsy Fun



Evening Glam




Let Freedom be Your Guide.


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