Miracles come when you least expect them: two new Alex and Ani charms you’re going to want. | ALENA KIRBY

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Receive the mysterious gifts of the universe. Recognize the possibility for greatness that lies within you.

This fall, welcome Alex and Ani’s new, original symbol – Unexpected Miracles.

alex and ani unexpected miracles

The tiny acorn holds the potential
of a mighty oak tree. Embrace your
own innate gifts with our
newest charm.

Capture7Miracles come when you least
expect them.

alex and ani, unexpected miracles, hand of fatimaHAND OF FATIMA

Positivity | Abundance | Faith

alex and ani, hand of fatima, unexpected miraclesBelieve in the protective energy of ancient talismans.
Acknowledge the beautiful power that lies within your palms.
Shield yourself from negativity in any form with a variety of charm styles.
Appreciate the miraculous potential of the season with our newest charm additions.


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