Infusing the Modern Kitchen with Vintage Charm | ALENA KIRBY

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When I was little, I spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s house in the summertime. We all did, my sister, cousins and I. Playing hide and seek in the backyard until dusk,  making sandwiches for lunch and eating popsicles with stained faces and sticky hands. Inside, my grandmother watched from her headquarters, the kitchen, where something was always simmering on the stove, soaking in the sink, and the smell of coffee permeated the air late into the morning.

It is certainly from these memories that my love of old-fashioned kitchen charm originates, and I always find myself trying to recreate that feeling in my own kitchen today.

If you share this love of the vintage appeal, see this gallery of items below inspired to beautify your kitchen and become practical staples for the everyday. ( A few of them can even be found in stock at the boutique!)

Flour sac towel and vintage tin by Mary Lake. 

(5 Things to do with Your Flour Sac Towel)

Click to see our collection of country kitchen accessories by Mary – Lake Thompson

Open shelving


Butter Crock by Ricardo


Painted Hutch


Cake Plate by Ricardo




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