When it comes to drinks, hot is hot, when it’s hot. | ALENA KIRBY

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We know. Everywhere you look, someone is trying to teach you about the next summer cocktail that’s going to change your life – or at least heat up your party.  We’re all for a nice icy beverage when the weather is steamy, but a shout out for hot drinks on a hot day is long overdue.

Did you ever notice how popular hot drinks are in hot countries? Travel around India or Morocco and you will witness first hand the importance of hot tea on a hot day. Perhaps these cultures are onto something…

Learn more about the science behind how a hot drink works to cool the body in hot weather here – Or just head down to the boutique to check out our Maxwell mug sets at 75% off, and our Ipanema teapot at 50% off!

IMG_8254 (2)

Maxwell & Williams Mug, in Lollypop and Chi Chi Sunrise patterns



marrakesh-moroccan-mint-tea_8421_600x450Recipe for moroccan mint tea

IMG_0113 (2) copy Maxwell & Willimams 1.5L Teapot, in Ipanema


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