New Alex and Ani: The Guardians Collection and Road to Romance. | ALENA KIRBY

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Channel your highest self.


Powerful words are engraved on very charm.  Shop the collection >

Guardian of Strength charm bangle.

Get empowered >

Guardian of peace charm bangle
Guardian of peace charm bangle

 Find comfort >

Guardians & Road to Romance
Guardians & Road to Romance

 Guardians come to our aid as pure forms of energy – guiding us to abundant adventures – and love.

Shop the collection >


memory | chance | eternity

Celebrate the serendipitous sparkle of love >

Fresh palette

Luxe leather wraps and beautifully crafted bangles.

The path to love is as mysterious and ancient as time. Happiness is infinitely more powerful when shared. Embrace the road’s everyday coincidences that incite love. Rekindle old sparks. Experience romantic nostalgia – the captured seconds that have an eternal impact. Adorn yourself with the Road to Romance Collection and celebrate the cherished steps that led you to the people and places that will live forever in your heart.  Shop the collection >

Braided leather wraps

Purposefully crafted from exquisite leather, the Braided Leather Wrap is a testament to simple beauty. The wrap incorporates an ornate floral pattern, delicately placed on the metal end caps.


Braided Leather Wrap

 This classic VINTAGE SIXTY-SIX piece will complement any free spirit’s style. With a retro flair, it is a statement from the ultrachic past. Wear the Gypsy 66 Wrap and capture the essence of life’s possibility and adventure.

Vintage 66 Wraps
Vintage 66 Wraps

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