The new Endless collection by Jennifer Lopez takes it to the next level. | ALENA KIRBY

Endless-Jewelry-2015-Jennifer-LopezCliquez ici pour version française >

Jesper Nielsen, CEO and Founder of Endless Jewelry said this about Jlo involvement in the new collection: “Jennifer is deeply involved in the design process of each charm and bracelet. She has a very distinct style for every season, working through every single element of the design process. In the end, every item is inspired, designed and approved by Jennifer Lopez herself. It’s a huge inspiration to have this dialogue with someone so conscious about style – it’s an honour to work with Jennifer Lopez and her team. We already have new products in the pipeline, some of which to be introduced this summer.”

Watch the video; she looks so classic (and frankly, adorable!).

We are especially excited about the new bracelet colors, Anthracite Metallic and Creme Metallic (scroll down to see it).

Anthracite Metallic18551220-118951395Creme Metallicwww.alenakirby/endlessjlo

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