2 new Lampe Berger fragrances you have to smell right now! | ALENA KIRBY

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Is there anything more hopeful and rejuvenating after a long winter than a good spring cleaning?  As we look forward to throwing open the windows and smelling some fresh air, let’s take a moment to think about setting a whole new fragrance scene for our home.  Here are two new fragrances we know you’ll love:

Sensual Bouquet

C1 - 415306 Bouquet Sensuel 500ML

A flowery fragrance, extremely feminine and voluptuous. A modern bouquet of flowers, a provocative trail of fragrance, symbolizing charm and seduction, like a glamorous film star.  Shop Sensual Bouquet >

Forest Mist

C1 - 415307 Brume Végétale 500ML

A blend both ethereal and woody, representing the lightness of large open spaces. Breathe in and dive amid the most beautiful natural scenes. In the middle flows a river…  Shop Forest Mist >

Inspired by nature, by tender memories or by distant places, Lampe Berger offers a whole collection of some 40 delicious fragrances.  See our selection here >

Lampe Berger, a Unique Technology


Thanks to its exclusive patented burner,  the Lampe Berger purifies and perfumes the air in enclosed spaces like no other system.  Diffusion by catalysis (burning without a flame) destroys the molecules responsible for undesirable smells.  In this way even the largest rooms can be quickly and evenly perfumed.

howlampebergerworks2_enAt a time when environmental concerns are at the forefront, Lampe Berger is one of the few technologies to offer a true improvement in the quality of air in your home, while ensuring that that only substances which are perfectly mastered and controlled are diffused into the air.  Lampe Berger employs some of the greatest perfumers in order to develop refined olfactory worlds, using only  the best ingredients.  Regular testing by an independent laboratory certifies that there are no chemical pollutants, so you can feel good about the quality of air you and your family breathe in your home.

Not everyone likes perfume (but everyone likes clean air…)

Neutre Essentiel 500ML_72DPI

Lampe Berger offers a scentless way to purify the air in your home or office.  The Essential Neutral fragrance is odorless and can be used on its own to purify without perfuming the air, or in combination with another scent to create a more subtle fragrance.  Lampe Berger experts understand just how personal scent is.  Shop Neutral >

The Lamps


The lamps themselves are works of art.  They harken back to a more romantic time when perfume bottles were stunning keepsakes, as pleasing as the perfumes they contained.  Shop the lamps >

How to perform the Lampe Berger ritual


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