These Peepers are real frame-changers. | ALENA KIRBY

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We are so excited to introduce this super-cheeky line of designer reading glasses and bifocal sunglasses.  Every whimsical pair, including such pun-y styles as the  Red Hot Chili Peepers, Off the Charts and Ready For My Closeup, retails for only $24.95!

So stop holding your book at arm’s length and grab a pair of these nerdy-chic Peepers – Oprah did!  These sturdy, scratch-resistant reading glasses in stylish color combos were featured on Oprah’s “O” List (Wellness Edition).  Here is a picture of her wearing them (she was so stoked, she just had to post it on Instagram):


And here they are featured on the cover of her magazine!  Thanks Oprah.

o-magazineSee the collection in store or online here >>>


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