Embrace the Warmth and Beauty of the Edison Style Bulb. | ALENA KIRBY

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Before the whole world and every light fixture in it goes LED, can we hang on just one little minute…!


There is a trend right now in lighting that is so hot (pun intended) that it deserves more than a mention. Perhaps not the most eco-friendly bulb on the shelf, Edison style incandescent bulbs are, none the less, flying off racks everywhere and lighting up rooms in a way that modern style bulbs just can’t compete with.

So what’s the appeal? In two words, warmth and beauty. Instead of an intense white or yellow glow, these vintage bulbs emit an amber hue that gives any room a warm, relaxed atmosphere. For this reason alone these bulbs have long been a favorite in restaurant design. And more than just a source of light, the filaments are often the center of the bulb’s aesthetic appeal, since they’re visible and not blinding – gorgeously lit up inside a glass bubble. Beautiful and vintage in a way that can compliment just about any decor.

Click here for our series of of Edison style bulbs


edison_filament_bulbs 71ui21P977L._SL1200_SCC1232BK-02 Literarywondrous-Edison-Bulbs-decorating-ideas-for-Exquisite-Dining-Room-Rustic-design-ideas-with-bare-bulb-chandelier-centerpiece-curtains-dining-bench-divided-lights-drapes-earth-tone cat550006


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