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Endless, the rising star of the jewelry industry, has got your colors covered. The quality leather bracelets come in 12 colors (plus the 3 fabulous snakeskin bracelets in the JLo collection), which you then adorn with any number of charms available in sterling silver, gold and rose gold.  Scroll down to find your signature color.

endless jewelry
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The Red Charms.

These fiery charms are so hot.  Wear these ruby, garnet and red enamel charms to express your playful or your sinful side.

endless jewelry, red charms
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The Black Charms.

Can you say “edgy”? Because these black charms can.  There is no better way to express your complicated nature – sweet & strong, adorable & dark – than with these hauntingly beautiful pieces.

endless jewelry, black charm bracelets
Shop the black charms >

The Yellow Charms.

Joyful and sunny, the citrine-colored charms pop with the brightness of your feisty personality.  Wear these to reflect your zest and energy.

endless jewelry, yellow charms, citrine charms, vaudreuil jewelry
Shop the yellow charms >

The Violet Charms.

Amethyst stones and violet-colored enamel charms are perfect for your peaceful and creative personality.  You’re awesome, baby – but there’s no need to be showy about something so obvious, right?  Wear these charms to remind yourself about the beautiful things that inspire you.

endless jewelry, endless charms, purple charms, amethyst charms, violet charms, jewelry vaudreuil, alena kirby
Shop the violet charms >

The Coral Charms.

I feel happy just being near you, dear coral-lover!  Your optimistic and extroverted nature may occasionally veer into the flamboyant, but we totally adore you for it.  Wear these coral charms to express your warmth and assertiveness.

endless jewelry, orange charms, coral charms, alena kirby, vaudreuil jewelry
Shop the coral charms >

The Pink Charms.

Awww shucks, you just can’t help being a bit of a romantic, deeply in-touch with your feminine side and proud of it.  Wear these pink and rose-colored charms to let the world know what a thoughtful and nurturing person you are (not to mention youthful, but we’re not jealous or anything).

Shop the pink charms >
Shop the pink charms >

The Green Charms.

You are balanced, social and honest.  Wear these green, emerald and peridot charms to reflect your naturally generous and intelligent character.  You’re probably a red-head or a tree-hugger, or both.  Either way, let’s be friends!

endless jewelry, green charms, emerald charms, peridot charms, alena kirby, jewelry vaudreuil
Shop the green charms >

The White Charms.

Immaculate and self-assured, you’ve always been a lover of classics.  Wear the white charms to express your high-standards and optimism.  A fierce combination for a no-nonsense lady.

Shop the white charms
Shop the white charms >

The Blue Charms.

Sincere and calm, people are drawn to you and trust you.  Wear these sky blue hues to reflect your sincerity and sensitivity.

endless jewelry, blue charms, sky blue charms, alena kirby, charm bracelets, jewelry vaudreuil
Shop the blue charms >

The Champagne Charms.

Let’s have a toast to you, dear champagne & cream lover.  You are outgoing and versatile, with an appreciation for the finer things.  Work it girl – you deserve the best.

Endless jewelry, alena kirby, vaudreuil jewelry, champagne charms, cream charms, charm bracelets
Shop the champagne charms >

The Grey Charms.

Are you loving these greys?  You might seem introspective and quiet but we know better – you are an imaginative explorer!  Wear these smokey stones and cinder greys to maintain the mystery.

Shop the grey charms >
Shop the grey charms >



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