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Alena Silver Jewelry

First came Alex and Ani. Then came Endless. Now, at long last, Alena Kirby is proud to introduce her very own brand of jewelry – ALENA.

Timeless and classic, ALENA jewelry is crafted in sterling silver and designed to be both worn and cherished. It subtly conveys casual elegance and  unpretentious luxury.


Inspired by her clientele, Alena has carefully assembled three dazzling collections:

The Bold Brilliance Collection

Reflected light ignites the soul and makes us feel alive. Traveling horseback, galloping though country trails, the sparkle of a Bold Brilliance jewel, caught by the dappled sun, will invoke passion and energy. Bold Brilliance is an uncommon collection of sterling silver and cubic zirconia designs. Fierce, elegant and brilliantly bold – by Alena.


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The Natural Beauty Collection

Whisked away on a nautical adventure where wind and speed free the spirit, and water and sun dance on skin warmed by open skies and loving embraces. Classic bracelets, elegant earring and necklaces that go straight to the heart. The Natural Beauty Collection by Alena reflects both the beauty within, and earth’s precious little miracles. Crafted from true sterling silver and freshwater pearls, this collection celebrates the life well-chosen, and enjoyed for all its pleasures.

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The Endless Ties Collection

Forever is what we want to spend with the ones we love. A picnic on the beach, drink in hand and toes in sand, is made richer by the company we keep. Worn lovingly as a token of affection or gift to one’s self, the Endless Ties Collection by Alena speaks of the unique selves we share others, and the ties that bind enduringly. Quality, Italian-made sterling silver in creatively simple designs.  In store only.





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      Thank you CSC!!! We got some advise from some brilliant creative types 😉

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