If you were a Godiva chocolate, what kind would you be? | ALENA KIRBY


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This is a very important question and I think you should answer it right away:

If you were a Godiva chocolate, what kind would you be?


Godiva 19 pc Gold Ballotin
Godiva 19 pc Gold Ballotin

Are you distinctive, irresistible, bold, sweet and a little salty?

You must be a chocolate with nuts. People come to depend on you for your strong sense of purpose and sensible nature.  They grow to love you for your surprising wit and unmatched kindness.  Don’t ever change Nut Chocolate, we adore all facets of your personality.

  • Try the Almond Praliné Raindrop, the Macadamia Mosaic and the Praliné Crescent.


Almond Praline
Almond Praline Raindrop
Macadamia Mosaic
Macadamia Mosaic
Praline Crescent
Praline Crescent

Are you dark, intense, spicy, unforgettable and exotic?

You must be a dark chocolate.  Occasionally misunderstood, people sometimes shy away from you at first.  What they find once they get a little closer is an unforgettable passion for life.  When a taste for your mystery and piquant nature has been acquired, one can never go back.  We love you Dark chocolate, and not just because you’re so good for us!

  • Try the Cherry Cordial, the Midnight Swirl and the Dark Ganache Heart.


Cherry Cordial
Cherry Cordial
Midnight Swirl
Midnight Swirl
Dark Heart
Dark Ganache Heart

Are you sophisticated, smooth and complex with a hint of mischief?

You must be a milk chocolate.  You know who you are, Ms. Popularity. You are equal parts sweetness and elegance without a hint of pretension. You’ve got layers, baby, and we love them all.

  • Try the Milk Lion of Belgium, the Milk Caramel Embrace and the Milk Demitasse.
Milk Lion of Belgium
Milk Lion of Belgium
Caramel Embrace
Milk Caramel Embrace
Milk Chocolate Demitasse
Milk Chocolate Demitasse


View just some of our Godiva Chocolates here and visit us in store to create your own assortments!


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