Inspiration for your white dishes. | ALENA KIRBY

Cliquez ici pour version française.

White is the blank slate to which we can add any color, any style and any mood.  Romantic or modern, your white dishes are as versatile as your imagination.  You can set a beautiful table or decorate your space on any budget with a decent set of white dishes.  Click here to see our white dishes: all at 50% off now.

White & Gold

Just like with our bangles, we love adding adding a touch of gold to our white table setting.  Gold cutlery or gold-rimmed  glassware is both fresh and classical.


White Dishes as Wall Art

See your dishes for the beautiful shapes that they are and create a grouping on your dining room wall.  How gorgeous does your wall color look now?


White with Floral Accents or Foliage

You already new this look would be gorgeous but isn’t it nice to just look at it again anyway?


White Dishes Displayed in Open Cabinetry and Shelving

Nothing says shabby chic like white dishes displayed in distressed antique cabinetry.  But this look, placed against bold colors and with modern furniture is so not shabby.  It’s gorgeous.


Click here to see our White / Blanc Pinterest board!

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    1. amandagay says:

      Thanks CSC! We are loving these little wine glass shades – so pretty and fun. Turns out there is at least one person out there with more Eiffel towers than you!

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