An Ode to Sophie Conran – Bringing Art to Your Table | ALENA KIRBY

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Sophie Conran

Question: What do you do when art and design are a part of your heritage, your upbringing, your very essence?

Answer: Create! In every single way you can…

Sophie Conran is the daughter of designer and restaurateur Sir Terrance Conran and food writer Caroline Conran. Evidently the powers of creativity flowed from one generation to the next and Sophie, like all her siblings, is devoted to creation – where the worlds of food, art, fashion and design meet.

Since the dawn of civilization, vessels fashioned to bring food from hearth to table, and table to mouth, have been artistic expressions that reflect the culture and era within which they were created.

Tableware as art never has been or will be a fad. There is real joy in coveting the perfect salad bowl, casserole dish, or teapot. Let’s hope that we have not entered an era where daughters and granddaughters will have no such things passed down to them… Fine china may no longer be the vogue or suit today’s lifestyle, but certainly that does not mean that we can’t seek out, cherish and pass down beautiful pieces of tableware.

Consider Sophie Conran, in Biscuit, Sage and Forget – Me – Not:


12079_sophie conran cutlery set
Forget Me Not


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