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The perfumers at Lampe Berger have an uncanny ability to recreate fragrances that deliver a scent so alive, so faceted and so accurate that one whiff cannot but unleash a rush of memories and emotions.  The selection of one’s fragrance is a highly personal affair and can only be undertaken in a slow and methodical manner.  As seasons change, and as we gather new life experiences, different fragrances may develop new meanings to us.  As such, it is a good idea to regularly spend a few enjoyable moments with our in-store samples.  Now is an especially good time to stop by, as you can get 2 fragrances for

The Lampe Berger Scent Dreamscapes:

Dreams of fruits

Celebrate orchard scents, exotic flavours, seasonal varieties for joyful fragrances.  Scents in this category include: Black Pomegranate, Under the Fig Tree, Green Apple, Lemon Flower, Grapefruit Passion and Cranberry.

Shop Dreams of Fruits now >

Dreams of flowers

Create a garden where the queens of perfumery grow.  Floral scents in this category include: Wild Orchid, Lilac Blossom, Lavender Field and Orange Blossom.

Shop Dreams of Flowers now >
Shop Dreams of Flowers now >

Dreams of Freshness

Compose an ode to nature. Sea sprays, salty mists, drizzling rain.  Fresh scents in this category include: Summer Rain, Green Chai, Citrus Leaves, Peppermint, Zest of Verbena, Fresh Eucalyptus and Ocean Breeze.

Shop Dreams of Freshness now >
Shop Dreams of Freshness now >

Sweet Dreams

To be enjoyed with pleasure, the aroma of cakes, vanilla, muffins, sweet delicacies.  The sweet scents in this category include: New Orleans, Sweet Pear, and Vanilla Gourmet.

Shop Sweet Dreams now >
Shop Sweet Dreams now >

Oriental Dreams

Reveal with intense pleasure the scents of incense, myrrh and amber with warm and profuse oriental tones.  The spicy scents in this category include: Voluptuous Venice,

Shop Oriental Dreams now >
Shop Oriental Dreams now >

Dreams of Exploration

With every breath comes a myriad of unknown sensations. Inner adventure has no limit…Enjoy your journey!  Exotic scents in this category include: Istanbul Delights, Springs of Mekong, Gardens of the Riviera, Escape to Capri, Polynesian Dream, Chic Paris, and Everlasting Flowers of Corsica.

Shop Dreams of Exploration now >

Pure Dreams

Open a window on the absolute simplicity, an inspiration of airy and light freshness.  Pure scents in this category include: Hammam Ritual, Sauna Ceremony, Cotton Dreams and Fresh Linen.

Shop Pure Dreams now >
Shop Pure Dreams now >



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