Top 6 ways to wear your sheer scarf. | ALENA KIRBY

Cliquez ici pour version française.

After a long winter, the ditching of cold-weather layers is a much-loved weekend project.  Over-worked sweaters beg to be put into storage so that bright colors and thinner fabrics can take center-stage.  Some wardrobe essentials, however, should not be cast aside too soon.  Despite encroaching sandal-fever, low-cut boots should still hold a place honor near the front door.  Skinny jeans are a year-round affair.  And one certainly must not discontinue using the scarf as a way to add color and texture to a look.  This week, we celebrate the newly weather-appropriate sheer scarf as our favorite clothing candy.

Scroll down to see some of Alena Kirby’s favorite sheer scarf looks.


Soften an edgy look with a sheer scarf.  Red works any time of year.


Model Miranda Kerr

Drape it over your shoulders to create the impression of a diaphanous top.


dior_draped_sheerFlatter your arms by wearing your sheer scarf with a neutral tank top and plenty of bracelets.




Combine chilly-weather pieces with your new spring/summer wardrobe for tailored street-style.


Pull an Eva Mendez and wear a sheer scarf as a clin-d’oeuil to much-adored 50’s icons.

Eva Mendez

Dior brought us this new way to wear a sheer: part tie, part halter-top, all woman.

Dior Resort 2014


At the beach, your sheer scarf can become almost any piece of clothing.



Note: All images are links to the original pins on Pinterest.


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