Top 12 hottest finds at our fashion accessories sale. | ALENA KIRBY

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Every lady who loves a good fashion accessories sale – raise your be-jeweled hand up! Here is a top-twelve list of some of the hottest items on sale for up to 75% off!! Don’t miss out!


12)  Italianissimo bracelet.  Regular price $18.95,  now 75% off!


11) Silver fill bracelet.  Regular price $39.95, now  50% off! Click here to find out why we love silver fill jewelry.


10) Baroque pearl necklace.  Regular price $44.95, now 50% off!


9) Sunglasses. It is conceivable that you will one day require sunglasses. At this price, it is well worth the wishful thinking. Regular price $19.99, now 50% off!


8) Scarves with silvery stripes, available in several colors. This scarf will carry you right into summer. What IS summer you ask? It’s the season after spring. You’ll know it when you feel it… and when you start dressing like a free-spirited flip-flop wearing hippie-ista – this scarf will go with all of that. Regular price $19.95, now 50% off!


7)  Sterling silver stacking rings. You LITERALLY can’t have too many of these. Get them before I do. Regular price $28, now 50% off!


6) Statement necklace.  Regular price $49.95, now 50% off!


5) Paisley scarf.  Regular price $22.95, now 50% off!


4) Bangles set.  Regular price $28.99, now 50% off!


3) Silver stretch bracelets with colored beads.  Regular price $24.95 chaque, now 75% off!


2) Stacking charm bracelets. Available in 4 colors, with a plethora of symbols on each charming bracelet, these sets are just good fun. Regular price $24.99, now 25% off!


1)  Friendship bracelets.  Regular price $19.95 each, now 75% off!



These are just some of the fashion accessories on sale. Hurry up and visit to see what else we are liquidating; there will be sales everywhere you look!

Here are a few of the new pieces we have:

1) Colorful hinged bangles. Do you remember wearing bright colors? Remember how feeling sunshine on exposed skin just makes you want to rock some seaside-inspired peaches, bright blues and aquamarines?


2) Pyramid studded bracelet. You wrist deserves to look like haute-couture.


3) Statement necklace. I see you wearing this with a maxi-skirt and a t-shirt tied at the waist. Or at the office while you’re being promoted. Just saying.


4) Bird-motif scarf, available in 3 colors. So bright, so airy, so lovely. People will cross the street to ask you where you got it.


5) Chunky chain bracelet. We’ve got these chunky chain bracelets and necklaces in both silver and gold. They’re not subtle – but that’s good thing.


6) Dog with bone charm necklace. You recognize this little guy. He’s adorable, we love him.


7) Eternity ring necklace. If you truly love yourself, and you always will, you’ll treat yourself to this necklace.


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