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AA_VdayEblastSo many of us gals are just starting to understand the fun of wearing a stack of Alex and Ani bangles.  The delightful tinkling sound of the charms as you move your arms is like magic and each carefully chosen charm is a reminder of some nice wish you’ve made for yourself or some lovely sentiment someone offered you.  Adding texture and color with the beaded bangles is like creating a very personal little composition on your arm, a work of art to enjoy while you’re typing away at your desk or sipping coffee.  Maybe your charms encourage you to be bold, or hopeful or to have faith.  But I must ask you this:

Are you living a charmed love life?

Perhaps you are.  Perhaps you are newly in love and enjoying that wonderful honeymoon stage (*sigh* – lucky you).  Perhaps you have been with the same person for a long time and know each other inside out.  Maybe it would be nice to have a little reminder of your younger selves, of that magical time when you first fell in love and knew you would be partners for life.  These new Alex and Ani charms embrace all of these facets of a love relationship.

A lifetime is filled with heartfelt moments – each a piece of an unpredictable journey that leaves an imprint on the soul.  Embrace love’s evolution and allow your heart’s intentions to guide your path as a reminder that these days are blessings.

The Perfect Pair & Lovebirds
The Perfect Pair &  Lovebirds

The Perfect Pair $28

The Perfect Pair
The Perfect Pair

Loyal | Destined | Eternal
Swans are graceful birds of strength and devotion. An endearing species, swans mate for life and journey forward together.  These pairs are made for each other, a perfect combination of loyalty and love.  Experience the energy of eternal love with the Perfect Pair Charm, a celebration of the power of two entwined hearts.

Lovebirds $28


Devotion |  Happiness | adoration
Lovebirds are the ultimate soul mates. Happy and devoted, these creatures grow together, creating a life that they can share. Two halves of a whole, lovebirds build a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect. Embrace the power of fate and the immeasurable affection of the Lovebirds charm.

We have a few other LOVE-ly bangles you might also like to swoon over:

From the Because I Love You collection – My Other Half $28

Because I Love You  | My Other Half
Because I Love You | My Other Half

Harmony | Love | Completion
To meet the fated completion of your soul is to find your other half. The camellia indicates the deep longing of the heart and its essence balances relationships. A harmonizing, devoted symbol, the My Other Half Charm celebrates the heart’s undying strength and the infinite bond between two destined people.

Key To My Heart $28

Key to My Heart
Key to My Heart

Secret | Love | Soul
Locks protect ones secrets and desires. Only the key can unlock these spiritual aspirations unveiling our emotional center. Wear this charm with the intention of finding the spiritual key within.

And how lovely would that be, if paired with this one:

Skeleton Key $28

Skeleton Key

Power | Choice | Liberation

Keys unlock doors, revealing secrets and treasures within. A symbol of authority, keys represent the freedom to come and go without hindrance. Wear the key to unlock the secret places in your being. There you will find your most valuable treasures.

Cupid’s Heart $38

Cupid's Heart
Cupid’s Heart

Love | Joy | Light
The heart is emblematic of so many things: love, sorrow, joy, affection, and compassion. It is symbolic of eternal bonds, desire, and spiritual aspirations. It is life. It is love. It is our emotional center. Wear Cupids heart to find love or celebrate love.

Happy lovin’

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