Top 10 Le Creuset Buys for 50$ and Under! | ALENA KIRBY

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le-creuset_email_jan23It doesn’t take much to spice up your kitchen! These thrifty finds will add style and enjoyment to each culinary adventure.  Not to mention, all our Le Creuset wine tools are 40% off from January 23 t0 26!

1o. Active Ball Corkscrew 30$

The Activ-ball features unique technology to bring simplicity to opening your wine. Simply turn the soft touch handle, no pulling is needed.   After removing the cork from the bottle, the activ ball pushes that cork effortlessly off the screw.  How cool is that?

9. Butter Crock 50$
PG0200-09-59-2Add a touch of color to your breakfast or dinner table with this quaint crock. Keeps fresh spreadable butter on your countertop for 3-5 days. Just change the water to keep your butter fresh and enjoyable.

8. Revolution Spatula 18$
VB301-67-2Designed to be the optimal size and strength for the most commonly performed kitchen tasks, the Revolution™ medium spatula is perfect for folding medium or dense batter, or for stirring, mixing and sauteing.  The Le Creuset Revolution™ utensil range represents the next generation of functional innovations in the kitchen, with all-new advances for superior comfort and control. Developed with chefs and culinary enthusiasts in mind, each utensil features a task-defined blade made from premium silicone, as well as a carefully crafted wood handle engineered to improve grip for a variety of kitchen tasks.

7. Mug 15$
PG9003-00-67-2From hot chocolate and coffee to single servings of soup and even desserts, the .35l Stoneware Mug features a versatile, sturdy design for everyday use, as well as a classic Le Creuset embossed lettering and rings around the base.

6.  Pie Bird, 8$

The pie bird may be old-fashioned, but this time-honored baker’s tool has turned out countless delicious pies over the course of centuries. The hollow pie bird vents steam from the filling as it cooks, preventing the contents from boiling over. Arches on the bottom redirect excess moisture to keep the bottom crust from becoming soggy. The top crust will be held in place, and your oven will be free of spills.

5. Cappucino Cup and Saucer Set 50$
800_Cappuccino_lifeThe Cappucino Cups and Saucers (set of two) are durable enough for everyday use, yet elegant for entertaining guests.  Your mornings deserve this kind of style and quality.

4.Wine Pump and Stoppers 20$
WA137PL-31-2The Le Creuset wine pump preserves wine by removing air from inside an opened bottle, then tightly sealing it using a durable stopper. By simply placing a stopper in the bottle and pumping several times, the wine is sealed and ready for storage.  Important note: it only works if you’ve actually left some wine in the bottle.

3.Petite Tarte Dish 20$
petite_tart_dishThe colourful, compact Petite Tart Dish makes individually portioned desserts easy to bake and serve to guests at the table.

2.Spoon Rest 30$
PG0304C-25-67-2TYou can add to your Le Creuset collection inexpensively but meaningfully with this lovely spoon rest.

1.Multi Purpose Bowl 30$
PG4100-15-67-2This bowl encompasses everything we love about Le Creuset.  You’ll use it just as much for prep work as you will for stylish serving.  If you must have just one, this is the perfect size.

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