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Alex and Ani encourages us to set some spiritual goals for the new year – and we’ve got the bangles to back it up.

Goal: “I’m going to be strong.”

Bangle: Anchor  – Hope, Tranquility, Stability

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Holding fast and steady despite the elements, the anchor is a symbol of stability, hope, and peace. The anchor allows us to keep a clear mind amidst the tides of life. An emblem of good luck, wear the Anchor Charm for courage, safety, and peace of mind.

Goal: “I’m keeping it simple.”

Bangle: Buddha – Humility , Devotion , Meditation

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Known as the Enlightened One, Buddha reminds us to be silent and go within. In doing so, we have access to limitless power, limitless good karma, and limitless wisdom. He teaches us that the real secret to joy and happiness is to keep it simple.

Goal: “I’m remaining hopeful”

Bangle: Sacred Dove – Truth, Peace, Faith

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The classic symbol of the Holy Spirit, the dove is also synonymous with peace, faith, grace, and truth. On the occasion of John the Baptist’s baptism of Jesus, it is written that the Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove, came down upon Jesus and remained with him. Wear this charm to express faith and hope.

Goal: “I’m growing spiritually”

Bangle: Lotus Peace Petals – Illumination , Beauty , Resilience

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With roots secured in the mud, a stem that grows through water, and a flower that lies pristinely above, the lotus signifies the progression of the soul. Inspiring us to rise from the darkness into enlightenment, the Lotus Peace Petals Charm also incorporates the higher power of a harmonious spirit with the Om symbol. Let this charm represent cognitive balance and your innate desire to grow spiritually.

Goal: “I’m not looking back.”

Bangle: Compass – Objective , Direction , Transition

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An instrumental aid, a compass provides guidance and navigation through lifes unexpected twists and turns. Each cardinal direction has a significant meaning. North represents home and infinite possibility. South embodies passion and the present. East signifies new beginnings and the future. West symbolizes emotion and new beginnings. Wear the Compass Charm to guide you in the right direction.

Goal: “I’m embracing change.”

Bangle: Fleur de lis – Regality , Faith , Renewal

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Traditionally used to represent French royalty, the Fleur de Lis symbolizes perfection, enlightenment, and life. The three petals are also associated with the protection of the Holy Trinity. Wear the Fleur de Lis as a representation of your faith in the changes and regeneration of life.

Goal: “I’m going to learn.”

Bangle: Apple of Abundance – Insight, Wisdom, Teacher

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A fruit that signifies intelligence, the apple is often associated with the ability to pass on knowledge to others. A teacher enlightens the soul and instills valuable information. Embrace the energy of the Apple of Abundance Charm for the guidance to accept the responsibility of sharing wisdom and passing it down from generation to generation.

Goal: “I’m celebrating love.”

Bangle: Cupid’s Heart – Love , Joy , Light

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The heart is emblematic of so many things: love, sorrow, joy, affection, and compassion. It is symbolic of eternal bonds, desire, and spiritual aspirations. It is life. It is love. It is our emotional center. Wear Cupids heart to find love or celebrate love.

Goal: “I’m trusting fate.”

Bangle: What’s For You Will Not Pass You – Optimism, Determination, Life

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Your life is destined for greatness. Obstacles will inevitably come your way. Greet them with patience and hard work. Allow the light of fated opportunities to spill through, live in fearlessness, and remember that what s meant for you will not pass you.

Goal: “I’m helping others.”

Bangle: Turn Peace Up – Kindness , Tranquility , Liberation

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A reminder to positively contribute to the world, Turn Peace Up symbolizes the small actions that can be taken towards bettering humanity. Wear this charm to stand up for kindness and liberate the world from negativity.


To buy Alex and Ani bangles, call us at 1.800.563.3050

or visit us at 3200 Route Harwood, Vaudreuil-Dorion (exit 28 from hwy 40)


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