Christmas Tree by Spode – A Part of Christmas Magic. | ALENA KIRBY

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When I was old enough to doubt that Santa Clause existed for real, in a red suit shimmying down chimneys in 30 below weather,  my mother said to me “don’t worry sweetheart, even if Santa is not real the spirit of Christmas is real and there is magic in that.”

I believed her then and I believe her now. I can feel the spirit of Christmas as the season approaches, as lights are strung and wreaths are hung.  As presents are bought, parties are planned, and as I imagine the holiday meal enjoyed at a table surrounded by loved ones.

Like any other work of art, a table setting creates a mood, a feeling that is real and that will be remembered.  Any table that is set with love and creativity will be beautiful, but for those seeking classic, traditional dishes that will be treasured from generation to generation, Christmas Tree by Spode  is it.

Since its introduction in 1938 Christmas Tree has been one of the most important designs for the Spode Company.  Classic, colorful and traditional without being outdated, these dishes are the stuff of family heirlooms. The popularity of this pattern has seen the company through some hard times, and by 1999 Spode’s Christmas Tree was recorded as the largest selling casual dinnerware pattern in the USA.

Loved for its nostalgia and warm recollections of Christmas past, Christmas Tree has been an integral part of holiday celebrations for the past 75 years.  It continues to be part what makes Christmas magic.


Tartan Mugs Set 4

17inch Platter

Most of our collection is available on our website here.

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