Top 10 Reasons Jewelry Makes the Perfect Gift. | ALENA KIRBY

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10. Jewelry is an investment, not just a purchase.  Precious stones and metals like gold and sterling silver can appreciate in value.

9. Certain types of jewelry like the charm bracelet for example, can be the start of collection. The great benefit to this, of course, is that it provides built-in gift solutions for the future.  Alex and Ani is a perfect example of this phenomenon .

8. Jewelry is one of the only gifts that always elicits a “GASP!” response.  Also, try a car…but jewelry is more affordable and won’t crash.


7. Jewelry can speak when you don’t have the words.  A diamond says “forever,” a claddagh ring can signify friendship, a ruby passion, a heart says the obvious.

6. Jewelry is lasting. Aren’t most family heirlooms a piece of jewelry passed down through the ages?  Start a new family tradition.

5. Women are romantic creatures. For eon’s women have loved receiving jewelry from men because it becomes a tangible part of their love story. It is an added bonus if the woman actually loves the piece chosen, simply receiving jewelry as a gift and the bragging rights associated with that are gift enough.


4. Jewelry is appropriate for someone of any age and it’s a lot better than giving a child a set of drums.  I promise.  Even if they aren’t your children.  Retribution exists.

3. It’s impractical. Go ahead give a blender or a gym membership if you want. Those gifts make sense. Jewelry does not, and that is exactly why we love it.

2. You can make the presentation process just as unique as the gift.  For Christmas, put the ring in an ornament or tie it to mistletoe.  The possibilities are endless.


1. Jewelry is a memorable gift.  You’ll always remember who gave it to you, what the occasion was, and where you were.  Jewelry is meaningful and more than just metal and rocks.  Jewelry tells a story; your story.


Inspired by the Gem Affair Diaries –

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