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I could not be more excited to announce the much-anticipated arrival of Alex and Ani to Alena Kirby this coming Wednesday, November 20!



Christine, Alena and I had been seeing these gorgeous and fun bracelets on Pinterest for some time but couldn’t find any stores that carried them in Quebec, nor could they be shipped to Canada.  We coveted them in silence until one day when our lovely sales associate Jenn returned from her beach holiday in Maine and proudly brandished her three new Alex and Ani bangles.  In quiet jealousy, we listened as she described a scene of near-pandemonium as people crowded around the Alex and Ani counters in the 3 little shops she found them in.  This was when we knew for sure that not only did we desperately want some for ourselves, but our friends and clients would too.  Thus began our journey wooing Alex and Ani until they absolutely knew that ours was the store in which to introduce Alex and Ani to the ladies of Quebec.  With our “Shop Within a Shop” now open and looking gorgeous, we ecstatically invite you to come swoon at these new little lovelies.



A better question would be: What isn’t so good about Alex and Ani?

By incorporating meaningful symbols and great design into each (+) energy piece, Alex and Ani jewelry lets you tell a story about who you are.  Made in America from recycled materials, these vintage-looking charm bracelets are timeless, classic and collectible pieces, most of which retail for just $28.  They are a company that has a strong love of craftsmanship, with a positive message of empowerment and community.  The wire charm and beaded bangles are customizable and thus very personal.




We have no fewer than 14 unique collections, comprising more than 300 bangle styles.  Yeah.  Each charm has a special meaning, making it excessively fun to chose a few for yourself and great for gifting, too.  I’ll give you a brief intro to each collection here but please peruse all the different bangles (each available in either Russian Gold or Russian Silver) and their meanings on our website here (everything will be online by Tuesday).

Alex and Ani Charm Bangles Birthstones
Alex and Ani Charm Bangles Initials
Alex and Ani Charm Bangles Because I Love You
Because I Love You
Alex and Ani Charm Bangles
Color Palette
Alex and Ani Charm Bangles
Earth Sultry
Alex and Ani Charm Bangles
Eden’s Equinox
Alex and Ani Charm Bangles seaside
Alex and Ani Charm Bangles
Spiritual Armor
Alex and Ani Charm Bangles
Vintage 66
Alex and Ani Charm Bangles Words are powerful
Words Are Powerful
Alex and Ani Charm Bangles zodiac
Alex and Ani Charm Bangles
Trend Classics

I have to admit, I’m having a rather difficult time trying to figure which three to start off with.  I’m thinking:

alex and ani, Birthstone, January, Garnet
Birthstone, January, Garnet

Creativity, Patience, Perseverance

A fiery royal stone, January’s garnet is a sign of passion, good luck, and motivation. Wear the royal garnet to stimulate the senses and increase vitality.

alex and ani spiritual armor plume
Plume Feather

Truth, Light, Virtue
An object representing light and air, a feather is the bearer of truth and justice. Ancient Egyptians believed a pure heart weighed as light as a feather. In Christianity, feathers represent virtues of charity, hope, and faith. Bestow the feather to seek wisdom and reach new heights.

alex and ani starfish

Vigilance, Intuition, Ability
The starfish is a resilient creature that constantly regenerates, intuitively navigates the sea, and directly impacts its ecological community. An ancient name for the Virgin Mary, the Star of the Sea symbolizes guidance, intuition, and vigilance. Wear the Starfish Charm for divine guided direction and a heightened sense of potential.

alex and ani
Eden, Crimson

Growth , Potential , Balance
A place of abundance and innocence, the Garden of Eden is an ideal setting that biblically marks the beginning of creation. With a subtle beauty that is inspired by nature’s palette, the Eden Bangle is a reminder of our connection to nature as everything comes from and goes back to the Earth.

alex and ani, gypsy, rose gold wrap
Gypsy, Rose Gold

Feminine , Retro , Empowering
Create your own style with Vintage Sixty-Sixs signature chain bracelet. Dress up or down, layer, or wear alone for a customized look. Each bracelet is adjustable for the perfect fit and is available in a Hematite, Rose Gold, Russian Gold, Russian Silver, Shiny Silver, and Yellow Gold finish.

Blast!  That’s five isn’t it?!  I dare you to chose fewer than 3!!!

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  1. Carol says:

    Beautiful! …and I loved reading your story of how it all began! 😉

    1. amandagay says:

      Bringing in this line has been a labor of love for us. Thank you for reading and commenting, Carol!

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