Drink Coffee, Eat Chocolate and be Merry! | ALENA KIRBY

Cliquez ici pour version française.

A classic combination, coffee and chocolate go together like peanut butter and jelly, so it’s no wonder that the chocolate experts at Godiva also bring to us a truly divine cup of Joe.


As we all know, coffee is serious business. Not just a vehicle for caffeine, coffee can be a pick me up, and equally a way to wind down. The perfect accompaniment or excuse for any social gathering, coffee is just as important to the quiet morning routine.  But no matter what the occasion, flavor is what counts, and when Godiva pairs some of the world’s finest quality beans with delectable flavors, the perfect indulgence is created.


Alena Kirby celebrates this beautiful marriage of flavors by offering a 57g bag of Godiva Ground Coffee FREE with the purchase of our most popular Godiva box, the 8pc Gold Ballotin.


What’s inside the 8 pc Gold Ballotin?

Almond Praliné Raindrop

godiva_almond_pralineA praliné of roasted almonds accented with crushed almonds in a smooth milk chocolate shell.

Dark Ganache Bliss

godiva_dark_ganache_blissDeep dark ganache made with 72% chocolate in a dark chocolate shell.

Dark Lion of Belgium

DCLIONFlowing butterscotch caramel in a dark chocolate shell.

Midnight Swirl

godiva_midnight_swirlVelvety ganache made with 85% chocolate in a dark chocolate shell.

Milk Praliné Heart

godiva_milk_praline_heartGodiva’s signature creamy smooth praliné in a milk chocolate shell.

Pecan Caramel Duet

godiva_pecan_caramelCrunchy pecan-filled caramel layered over chocolate caramel, enrobed in milk chocolate.

Raspberry Ganache Swirl

godiva_raspberry_ganache_swirlDeep dark chocolate and raspberry-infused ganache in dark chocolate.

White Chocolate Raspberry Star

godiva_raspberry_starRefreshing raspberry puree within creamy-sweet white chocolate.

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