The Power of Lampe Berger – Tranform your home, Transport your senses…

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Of all the human senses, smell is certainly the dark horse.  Vital to our well-being, intrinsically linked to mood and memory and attraction, the power of smell is too often overlooked.

We all know that odors, both good and bad have a huge effect on our daily lives.  The question is:  how do we create a home atmosphere that is pleasant but not overpowering, and clean without a heavy scent of detergent?

The answer is, quite simply – Lampe Berger.

Fragrancing and purifying indoor spaces since 1898, Lampe Berger combines artful, collector lamps with a patented catalyst diffusion system that subtly infuses your home with a soul.


This is how it works….

Ready to jump aboard a magic carpet and go for a ride?  It’s as simple as Lampe Berger!

We are not sure just how the chemists at Lampe Berger are able to encapsulate so many of the world’s wonders into a bottle, but somehow they do. This season, experience two exotic fragrances that will transport your senses to far off lands…

Evoking memories of the Corsican hills where the amber warmth of the everlasting flower is soften by the milky shade of the fig trees, try: Everlasting Flowers of Corsia.


With Istanbul Delights enjoy a very light sweet fragrance which unveils the taste of orange blossom, bergamot and cinnamon. Notes of icing sugar, hazelnut, vanilla and candied fruit celebrates the sweetness of Turkish Delights.


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