Lampe Berger Promotion! Receive a FREE 180ml fragrance… | ALENA KIRBY


Pour français veuillez faire dérouler vers le bas.

This Friday to Monday, buy one 500ml Neutral Fragrance and receive one 180ml fragrance!

Time to do some spring cleaning and change the air in the house.  Since opening the windows is not yet an option, take this opportunity to freshen your home and try out a new scent for free!  Every Lampe Berger owner should keep the Neutral in stock.  Did you know you can control a fragrance’s  intensity by diluting it with neutral?  Also, when  used between two fragrances, the Neutral Home Fragrance optimizes the operation of the  burner, cleans it and extends its life span.  The neutral can also be used on its own to remove unwanted odors without fragrance.

Lampe Berger neutral Home fragrance

De vendredi à lundi, achetez un parfum 500ml neutre, recevez un parfum 180ml GRATUIT!

Essentiel dans chaque maison, il désodorise sans parfumer et permet de régler l’intensité du parfum de maison en le diluant. Utilisé entre deux parfums, il optimise le fonctionnement du brûleur AIR PUR System 3C®, le nettoie et prolonge sa durée de vie.


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