What’s new for tea time? | ALENA KIRBY

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I love my afternoon tea. 

I love it best when accompanied by cake or cookies but, even without, tea is a fantastic afternoon ritual that keeps me going until supper time.  We’ve got some fun new tea leaves from Tea Forté and a great collection of new ceramic & colorful silicone cups and infusers.

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collection 100_blog

Named for the temperature at which water boils, these durable little porcelain and silicone tea cups, cappuccino cups and silicone infusers will add the perfect shot of color to your coffee or tea breaks!  How cute will these be in the kitchen come spring?  Very.


This mug is the perfect size for your tea or latté.  That clever and colorful silicone band means you don’t need a handle.  I love minimal design.  Great prices on this collection, too.


How cute is this nifty little infuser?  The leaf stem is bendy and wont fall into your cup!

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Inspired by a New England garden, a fresh harvest of flavorful herbs, spices, fruits and flowers paired with organically grown white teas for a distinctive cup.  This awesome little box of  Garden Harvest White Teas contains: 20 pyramid infusers with four pyramid infusers each: Peach Rhubarb Preserve, Tangerine Rosemary, Tupelo Honey Fig, White Cinnamon Sage, Wild Apple Ginger.  Oh yum.


An invitation to retreat to a place where restorative calm and peace are found. A rejuvenating naturally caffeine-free herbal infusion to relax the mind and soothe the spirit.  I accept!  This Herbal Retreat Petite Ribbon Box includes two pyramid infusers each: Apricot Amaretto, Blueberry Merlot, Cherry Cosmo, Mojito Marmalade, Kiwi Lime Ginger.  I love it when my tea sounds like a cocktail.


I love these 3 delightful canisters! Lemon Sorbetti, Moroccan Mint and Green Mango Peach.  The perfect little samplers.

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