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godiva gold ballotin, valentines day, promotion

A thoughtful gift for Valentine’s day means not waiting to the last minute!  Don’t be late, our 36 piece GODIVA Gold Ballotin is on promotion for only $39.95 (regular price $50,00).  We are already nearing the last weekend before Valentine’s Day!

Here are some of my favorite Godiva chocolates :

rasberry star, godiva chocolate
Raspberry Star

Raspberry Star:  Refreshing raspberry puree within creamy-sweet white chocolate.

Dark Ganache Heart, Godiva chocolate
Dark Ganache Heart

Dark Ganache Heart : Silky dark chocolate ganache made with 53% chocolate in a deep dark chocolate shell.

50% Dark Demitasse, godiva chocolate
50% Dark Demitasse

50% Dark Demitasse : Solid 50% dark chocolate.

Godiva Gold ballotin
Godiva Gold Ballotin, 36pc

Pour voir tous les chocolats dans le Ballotin Doré 36mrcx, veuillez svp cliquer ici.


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