Gourmet du Village tasting event on Saturday! Evenement de dégustation Samedi! | ALENA KIRBY

Gourmet du Village tasting at alena kirby

Come early and often to our Gourmet du Village tasting table that will be set up in store from 11am to 4pm this Saturday, December 1rst!

This is a great way to get some inspiration for delicious and simple-to-make appetizers for your Holiday Entertaining!  I, for one, will gladly take any excuse to sample some baked brie.  We’ll also have some dips and other goodies with plenty of creative ways to use these tasty spreads and dip mixes you may not have thought of!

Venez nous visiter ce samedi, le 1 décembre de 11h à 16h pour notre évènement de dégustation Gourmet du Village!

Apricot Jalapeno baked brie by gourmet du village
Brie à l’abricot et au piment jalapeno


Gourmet du Village Dip
Trempette Gourmet du Village


Magasiner nos produits Gourmet du Village.

Shop our Gourmet du Village line.


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