Magnifique ou Ridicule? Fabulous or Ridiculous? | ALENA KIRBY

brad pitt chanel no. 5 adVous devez l’avoir vu à ce jour parce que je ne suis pas la première à vouloir se moquer de l’annonce Brad Pitt pour Chanel no. 5.  J’aimerais savoir votre opinion: magnifique ou ridicule?

I really don’t mean to be picking on Chanel… but first the hula hoop bag and now the Brad Pitt ad for Chanel no 5 has everyone poking fun.  So what do you think of the ad?

Is it:

A) Ridiculous: feels like an awkward moment in high school drama class


B)  Fabulous! Any excuse to look at Brad Pitt will do

Cast your vote!

And, for your viewing pleasure, an adorable doggie spoof…

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Marie says:

    it’s funny ’cause I said before even whatching the video that any excuse you give me to look at him is fine by me! Then, I see the choice of answer! funny! ; )

    1. amandagay says:

      Ha! I love it! Maybe if I watch it with the sound off…

  2. me says:

    Ridiculous indeed! Most of us women would agree that Brad is truly HOT, but this ad is a JOKE!

    1. amandagay says:

      It borders on creepy. Someone at Chanel should have said something!!! “Uh, guys – are we sure about this one? Can we get a do-over?”

  3. me says:

    PS, LOVE your website!

    1. amandagay says:

      Thank you! Do you have a blog or website I should be following? let’s network!

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