Fabulous or Ridiculous? | ALENA KIRBY

Friday, time for a spot of fun.  Let’s play Fabulous or Ridiculous!

Voici le sac Hula Hoop de Chanel.  C’est pour la plage, évidemment!  “Vous avez besoin d’espace pour votre serviette et vous pouvez le déposer sur le sable et y-accrocher des choses.” C’est SUPER discret et on ne voits guère de logos! Nous aimerions connaître votre opinion: Magnifique ou ridicule?

Introducing the Chanel Hula Hoop bag.  Karl Lagerfeld says it’s for the beach!  “You need space for your towel and you can put it in the sand  and hang things from it.”  It’s SUPER understated and there are hardly any logos or anything!  So we’d like to hear your vote: Fabulous or ridiculous?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Carol says:

    I’m going to have to say … kind of ridiculous… It’s cute!…but where the heck do you put that at a resto?

    1. amandagay says:

      Hahaha! I was just imagining trying to fit in the backseat of the car… have to take out the car seat, honey!

  2. Lisa says:

    I feel like this is a very cruel joke… hopefully just some weird photo shop error…

    1. amandagay says:

      I would love to spend a day in the life of someone who could actually a) afford it and b) walk around with it. That would be a fun day.

      I think I actually vote for Fabulous!

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